The Average +1 Ditched Sword. Again.

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Good one!

The Average +1 Ditched Sword.

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Ready to roll
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"We are… slightly outnumbered…"

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-“Let’s go, elf” Tomlinson roared “It’s time to make a stand. Let’s see what ye can do with that flaming sword of yours. I bet I can beat more creatures than ye” 
-“Come on, grow up” Raeghar answered
-“That’s difficult at my age, boy”
-“What I mean is… Meh, nevermind, Go get’em!!”

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Like a boss #PHB #DungeonsandDragons #DnD

"By the last sunrise! It burns! Tomlinson, Raeghar, we need some help here! Hold the creatures back while I search some hidden device!"

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"What’s this?" -Vanguelor asked himself- "A carving of an ancient symbol… Myrkul?"

Just carve them up!